4 Smart Questions To Ask An Interviewer During A Job Interview

During a job interview, you want to get a good picture of your potential new employer. Your interlocutor will probably do everything to get you as a sought-after technical professional. But how do you find out during the first discussions whether the company matches your personality and expectations? Ask these 4 smart questions!


1. Observe the center of gravity of the function

Question: How would you describe a successful moment in the job?

You have gone through the vacancy with your discussion partner and you are aware of the tasks and responsibilities of the job. But what is the emphasis on the job?

By asking for a moment of success within the position, you find out where the emphasis lies within the job. Moreover, you can immediately check with yourself if this is also a point where you get energy from. Is not that right? Then check what you get energy from. Try to ask for this during this conversation or a follow-up conversation.

2. Find your place within the team

Question: What is the most appreciated character trait in the department?

By asking this question you will find out what type of person according to the company best suits the position and the team. Does this match your character? And can you easily collaborate with this type of character? When you answer 'yes' twice, you will be completely at your place in this department. If your answer is 'no' to one of these two questions, make sure you ask for it in the interview. Why does your interlocutor consider this property so important? In what way does this property come into its own in this function?

3. Find out the manager's leadership style

Question: What does an assessment interview with you look like?

This is a fairly direct question but has an underlying idea. You do not have to know how the conversation exactly goes according to content. You want to find out the process here. Do you have a coaching manager in this position who guides you towards your assessment? Or do you have to provide all the input for this yourself? Does he/she give a lot of feedback or does that person let you go all the way?

After the interview, place the answers next to your own expectations. Check whether you like to be coached yourself or rather report to your manager at the end of the year. You get the best out of yourself in a position where the manager's leadership style matches your own expectations.

4. Find out the culture of the company

Question: Is there a Friday afternoon drink?

Your interlocutor will obviously do his / her best to put the company in as positive a light as possible for you as a candidate. One of the questions to get behind the real corporate culture is the question of a Friday afternoon drink. Perhaps they do not have these, but you break the conversation a bit more open. Perhaps they do have a team outing once in the year.

By asking this question you also find out how the company deals with work pressure. Can you let off steam with your team after a deadline is reached or is it only after working hours desired? Does the company invest in team bonding or is it expected from the team itself?

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