Losing weight without exercise and dieting


The closer the season of vacations, the fewer vacant seats in gyms and the more around people who run into a real panic about their weight. They try not to eat at all and spend many hours on the simulators, exhaust themselves with jogs and go to bed hungry - and fall into despair, watching all the same numbers on the scales.

Harry Smith, a personal trainer from the UK, published in the publication of the Independent a small guide that will allow you to comfortably lose weight - without resorting to really exhausting diets or complicated training

"Weight loss is only a manifestation of the balance that our body seeks. It's simple: we consume less, than we spend - then we lose weight. We spend less, but consume more - gain weight. But the secret is that there is no need for extreme action - it works even when you eat as much as you really need, "says Harry.

Dietary programs that Harry offers to his clients are very simple and effective. In his opinion, it is important to eat three times a day and at least twice more than snacks. As for the contents of your plate, then use your own hand to determine the portions: let the portion of protein be the size of your palm, the portion of vegetables - the size of the whole hand, but the carbohydrates smaller - no more palms. A portion of fat does not exceed the size of your thumb.

And do not be afraid of diversity, says Harry. A monotonous diet is one of the reasons that causes people to interrupt diets. Meanwhile, even "forbidden" products can be kept in your diet - if you supplement them with useful food and do not get too involved with them.

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