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That set me thinking about job preferences some 20 years ago. Those days, job-seekers were desperate to participate large private corporations and MNCs. With so many young talented professionals eager to utilize them, many pharma, retail, IT and ITeS companies, met their expansion goals and remain flourishing. Nevertheless now, the scenario in the task market seems to have reversed completely.Delhi is a center for government jobs in a variety of departments and misnitries.


The attractiveness of the federal government job, can theoretically, be great news. It'd indicate that that India of high in public-service minded people who want to work to enhance things on the ground. Sadly, the popularity of the federal government job is just a sign, despite all the progress the nation has made, of how static the inter-locked social and economic systems have remained, and how administration gets decoded never as service, but as power. The preference for a government jobs in the current form is really a vote for days gone by as opposed to the future.


The reason behind this new-found craze for government jobs is just a misconception in the minds of today's youth. They're under a false impression that a government job is ‘not demanding ', ‘does not have any targets'and ‘provides lots of benefits '. Most of all, it is sold with ‘job security ', even although pay is low compared to employment in the private sector.


But step outside into the more expensive India, as one had occasion to do recently included in an on-going project to make sense of what's changing in small town India, and the picture changes completely. The private sector is viewed largely with suspicion, and higher than a little disdain. The private job sometimes appears to be work on its most sweaty and unrewarding. One is answerable to the dog owner, there's no permanence, and the hours are long and hard. The exception is definitely an IIT degree, that is regarded as a passport to a myriad of opportunities; but even for several IIT aspirants, the eventual destination is a government job.


In regards to ‘other benefits ', such as a maternity benefit or even a medical benefit, government organisations clearly score on the private sector. This is absolutely true.


Now, let us go through the downside of the government job in terms of salary and other benefits.


Salaries in government organisations are attractive only at the entry-level. As years roll, what a government employee earns combined with the ‘benefits'he enjoys, is far less than what his private counterpart gets.


The intense demand for these jobs should imply that the government should get the most effective talent that is available. In the functioning of the government generally in most parts of the united states, however, it is not immediately apparent that this really is so. For most aspirants, the hard work stops at the doorstep of the job. What is being vied for is not work, but power. The us government is dotted with extremely bright and committed people, but this is simply not a predictable pattern, but simply a function of some individuals.