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Is Chocolate Healthy or Unhealthy ?
Many people do not realize that raw cocoa is the greatest source of antioxidants in the world, and that looking at Google “cocoa” and “health” will get more than one million results. And it’s not just about those health websites that are reporting on the healthy benefits of chocolate, from professionals doctors, scientists, and research. So should you start eating more and more chocolate? The rea
Can Loud Sounds Kill You ?
Hearing lound music can cause various sorts of damage to your ear and your hearing. Latest studies have proved that loud sounds can actually kill you by causing severe damage to your body. Can Loud Sound Actually Kill You? A Speaker So Loud it will Kill you The post Can Loud Sounds Kill You ? appeared first on - World's Largest Media Network .
9 Strange Ways Animals Communicate
9 Strange Ways Animals Communicate Find out some of the weird ways of communication in the animal kingdom. October 29, 2017 Animal kingdom is strange and unique when it comes to communication. Each and every animal and species have their own unique and strange ways to communicate with each others. 1. Elephants – Use Ultrasounds with Frequencies below 20 Hertz 2. Tarsiers – Communicate at frequenc

OCT 26

Northern Lights – Earth’s own Fireworks
The aurora borealis is one of the most spectacular phenomena that nature offers us. Unfortunately, it is a natural phenomenon that only can be seen in some of the remotest corners of our beautiful planet. What Causes the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis? The meaning of the word Aurora Borealis is already a beauty, Aurora is the Roman goddess of dawn, while Boreal – Boreas – is a Greek word mean
10 Amazing Facts about Jupiter
Jupiter is the fifth planet in the Solar System. It is the largest and heaviest planet, and its weight is about 2.48 times the sum of the masses of all the other planets combined. This is the reason why Jupiter was named as the king of the gods. It is massive, and has a powerful magnetic field and more moons than any planet in the Solar System. While there are thousands of interesting facts about
New Technology will Charge Mobile in Seconds
The time consumed during charging a mobile is an important factor today. We bring you update on a technology which will allow your mobile to be recharged in just seconds, not minutes or hours, that’s a thing of the past. Fast mobile battery recharging is possible with this new technology. A team of researchers from the Faculty of Engineering at Drexel University located in Pennsylvania (USA) has

OCT 25

World’s Worst Female Serial Killer
Leonarda Cianciulli was the only daughter of Emilia Marano and Mariano Cianciulli born in Montella in Irpinia. She had no good relationship with the mother, which deteriorated further after her father’s death and her mother’s renewed marriage. It also appears as if Leonarda had suffered a form of epilepsy in her childhood. Altogether, all the information about Cianciulli comes from her autobiogra
How to Avoid Job Scams Online ?
How to Avoid Job Scams Online ? Learn about the great Job Scams and How to Avoid them. October 25, 2017 There are plenty of people who wish to earn extra while doing work in summer holidays. There are those who wish to work while