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SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which is usually translated as search engine optimization positioning. When we talk about search engines or search engines, we are referring mainly to Google, as it dominates almost absolute market share around the world, far ahead of other very minor options today such as Bing or Yahoo.

Therefore, when we talk about SEO for lawyers, we can say that we are trying to increase the chances that your website appears on Google when users query in the search, with the aim of generating more visitors, as a result of these visits more customers. And that brings us to the next imperative to understand how SEO works concept keywords.

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 SEO Keywords

Keywords ( keywords ) are writing users to query in the search. Examples of interesting keywords for a lawyer would be "lawyers in Madrid", "defense lawyers", "divorces in Barcelona", etc. When talking about SEO properly, we refer to optimize the positioning of a website for certain keywords.

It is important to understand this, so I will emphasize it. The fundamental objective of SEO is to improve Google's position on the website of the office for keywords that directly or indirectly help get more customers. Therefore, when we talk about SEO we mean to improve the ranking of a website for specific keywords.

It is essential to correctly identify how to seek counsel clients on the Internet to extract the most important keywords and work to improve their positioning. Here is where one of the main reasons to work with experts who are fluent and experienced in SEO for lawyers. Someone who has experience in positioning but has not worked long enough in this sector cannot as easily determine which keywords are most suitable for work positioning and, therefore, your results will be less effective.

It is also important to understand that the position of a web page for a keyword is highly variable. As a general rule, you can not say categorically that a website occupies a certain position for certain keywords. All we can say is that a website occupies a certain position at a particular time with a particular device in a particular geographic location with specific navigation history. This is because there is no single order of results for the same keyword.

Take for example the search "divorce attorneys" a keyword that determines fairly reliably intention of hiring the services of a lawyer.

Well, the results obtained by searching for "divorce attorneys" today are different from those that were obtained yesterday and are different from those obtained tomorrow. Even if you repeat the search a few hours later, the results may also differ. This is because the algorithm that determines the positioning is constantly updating the results.

In addition, the results change depending on the location. If you are in Madrid when you search, Google will show significantly different from those that show someone to repeat the same search at the same time in Barcelona (or any other city) results. This is because Google understands that when a search is done with a local component, such as hiring a lawyer (or book in a restaurant), must prioritize results that are close to the user. If you are looking for "divorce lawyer" and you find yourself in Sevilla, it makes sense that Google gives priority to pages divorce lawyers that lead in the environment of Sevilla on pages with divorce attorneys in the vicinity of A Coruña. It seems logical, right?

Similarly, the device used to influence search results. Simplifying, there are two different search algorithms Google. One that provides the results to users browsing from a computer, and another that provides the results to users browsing from a mobile device. The main difference is that those searches made from a mobile device results provide further local and close, as with a mobile phone is easier to geographically locate the user to show results to their immediate surroundings.

Another variable that modifies search results is the user's browsing history. The more searches performed, the more you learn about their habits Google search results further customize for that user.

SEO is effective in the medium and long-term

Another common SEO questions that make lawyers me is when they will start seeing results. The reality is that there is no single answer and depends on many factors. If you already have a website and an acceptable position, it will be quicker to improve the situation if you just publish your website. And the more resources are devoted to position the web of an office, begin to emerge faster improvement.

Similarly, competition influences very much in obtaining results more or less quickly. The more firms are competing for the same keywords and more resources are investing in SEO, the harder it will put a dent. For that reason, get a very good position in big cities like Madrid or Barcelona takes longer to do it in less competitive areas.

Normally the level of competitiveness is determined by the size and population of the area in serving your office and the services you want to position. For obvious reasons, the higher the fees generated by the cases of a specialty, the greater the number of law firms betting strong position your website related keywords and more complicated will improve your ranking.

Another factor to consider is the experience and specialist knowledge to help you improve SEO positioning for your law firm and devote time and resources to position your website.

Although as I said above depends on many factors and should not be taken as an absolute truth, you should have at least a period 3 to 6 months to begin to see noticeable results in your SEO strategy. For this reason, the positioning is a very interesting and sustainable strategy for lawyers in the medium and long-term , but not the best choice if you are looking for customers only very short term.

Is SEO a channel to attract customers recommended?

For most cases, the answer is yes. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the positioning is a channel to attract customers highly efficient and sustainable for any lawyer, can help customers generate a steady pace when working properly.